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Invitational, Training Birds Information

Ordering Training Birds Information

The Buckeye Chapter will have training birds available for purchase the week of the Invitational.

         ~ Chapter contact is Steve Smith 

Chukkars can be ordered at a cost of $15.00 per bird.

         ~ The deadline for ordering birds is Sunday, Sept 1, 2019.  No orders will
           be accepted after that date. 

         ~ The only payment form that is accepted is via check (in US funds)

        ~ All orders are final.  There will be no refunds on cancelled orders.

          (No exceptions)

Training grounds will be open for use on
Wednesday September 11, 2019. 

        ~ Handler will be responsible for having a bird pen or a bird bag for
          their training birds.

        ~ Training birds will be available for pick up on Wednesday morning at

          8am, at the training grounds. 

        ~ Handlers will also be able to pick up their training birds at the

          campground each morning from 8am to 9am on Thursday and Friday of
          the Invitational.   If that time is not convenient, Steve will work with you
          to arrange a mutually convenient pick-up time. 
Email Steve Smith to place your order.

Upon ordering at the above email payment information and contact information will be provided including Steve's cell phone number.

Email  Steve
Email  Steve

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