North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)
Buckeye Chapter

The Buckeye Chapter of NAVHDA will conduct a Natural Ability Test (NA), Utility Preparatory Test (UPT), and Utility Test (UT) Spring Test on Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, May 24, 2020.  Fall Test on Saturday, September 5, and Sunday, September 6, 2020  The test will be held at Mingo Sportsman’s Club.

     Entry Fees      



     Only NAVHDA registered dogs are eligible to participate in NAVHDA tests.  Single Dog Registration forms can be downloaded by clicking on this button.                                            If you do not have a 3-generation pedigree, please contact the International Office of NAVHDA.  You may enter the test before you receive your dog’s registration number, but it must be received by the Test Secretary before the test day.

Phone: (847) 253-6488
Fax: (847) 255-5987

     Dogs are eligible for Natural Ability Testing up to and including the day they reach 16 months of age. Dogs over 16 months may be run for evaluation only, but may only be run if space is available.  No prize classification can be awarded to a dog that runs for evaluation. 


     Test entries are limited and will be taken on a first come, first served basis, subject to the rules of eligibility stated above. A test entry consists of the Official Current Year Test Entry Form and the correct test entry fee.  PLEASE PRINT legibly and USE PEN or Type. All information must be included or your entry will be returned. Non-NAVHDA members can request a copy of the test rules upon receipt of a completed test entry for an additional fee.  Test rules and the entry form may be found at If the dog is hip tested, a copy of the document should be attached to the Official Test Entry application to have it recorded. 


Please click on the button below for The Buckeye Chapter Test Refund Policy

Entry Confirmation

     A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your entry. We will try to place you on your preferred running day. Your running day and confirmation of the event start time will be sent by May 15, 2020 for Spring and August 15, 2020 for Fall.  Motel & camping information will be sent with the email confirmation.  If upon receiving your entry our test is full, you will be contacted immediately and your name will be placed on the waiting list.  If you do not get into the test, a full refund will be sent. 

Make checks payable to:  BUCKEYE NAVHDA
All entries are to be sent to the chapter test secretary:
Email Chris Carr for confirmation

 Natural Ability Test (NA)

 Utility Preparatory Test (UPT)

 Utility Test (UT)

Buckeye Chapter Members

$ 125

$ 150

$ 150

Non Buckeye Chapter Members

$ 140

$ 170

$ 170

[email protected]
email Chris Carr

Buckeye Chapter of NAVHDA